Hi, I'm Zanna! Drink Bright founder, longtime drinks professional, mindful drinking advocate and speaker.


After over ten years working and managing bars and a considerable amount of 'research' in my spare time, I decided it was time for a positive change. A month of moderating my drinking in early 2019 followed by a year of contemplating, ‘failing’, and endless musings on how and why we drink, led to my first dry month in January in 2020.


During these early experiences I was blown away by the range and creativity of low and no drinks available and the varying roles they played slotting into our existing drinking or non-drinking habits. Noticing the scope for these drinks to vastly improve the options for the sober community whilst blending comfortably into the lifestyle of the boozier drinker started to set the wheels in motion.


Alongside some amazing stories, people and, of course, drinks - there’s certainly a lot to take in when you’re new to the world of alcohol-free drinking. I know first hand things can feel a little overwhelming or alienating at first, which is why Drink Bright was conceived as an inclusive, positive and unbiased space to help you explore the changing way we’re consuming liquid in all its glorious forms.