Drink Bright is your resource for exploring the world of low and no alcohol drinking. 


Our ethos is simple: there’s no ‘right’ way to change the way you drink. It means different things to different people.

We believe in drinking brighter:

healthier, mindful, well-informed.

Whether you’re sober, looking to cut down, or even just a teensy bit curious about drinking less, we’re here to celebrate and support your decision. We’re expanding our website right now, but here are the things you can expect to find on Drink Bright, now or in the very near future.


Drinks - and lots of ‘em Drinking less doesn’t mean fewer drinks. We champion low and no producers from the UK and beyond, and bring you their myriad of exciting tipples. You can learn about them all here, and on our Instagram account @drinkbright.


The low-down on drinks categories and terminology, with plenty of myth-busting, confusion-clearing and all the fact-giving you need, so you can drink easy.


Stuff worth sharing We know that finding the news that matters, matters, and it’s a busy world out there. We do the legwork to bring you the inside scoop on everything no-low. Expect product announcements, events listings, competitions, interviews and stories from the Drink Bright community.


Recipes aka mixology, because we’re fancy - no - because you’re fancy. We promise the m word isn’t scary, just a few tips and tricks to help you to mix your own booze-free bevveis.


Inspiration! Not least of all we want to keep things light and bright. Making any change to your lifestyle is a big deal, and that certainly includes the way you drink. It might not always be a breeze, but you can rely on us to keep our content positive and inspiring along the way.